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Field Nation Success Story: Mike Brown

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Mike Brown: Creating Opportunity

Mike Brown seized opportunity through his work on Field Nation. Mike started as a service provider until one accident changed the course of his life. Instead of letting the accident put him down, Mike created his own opportunity and began servicing clients through Field Nation. Today, Mike runs a successful service company that operates in every state.

“The support and staff at Field Nation are above and beyond any of the other platforms.”


Mike Brown started using Field Nation as a service provider in 2008. His projects ranged from point-of-sale system installation to digital menu boards. Over time, Mike developed strong professional relationships with many of his clients and became their first choice for projects across the region.

In 2014, an unfortunate accident forced Mike to change his path. After surgery, doctors informed him that he would be unable to do physical labor for a few months. With two daughters in college and a family to support, Mike had to find a new way to make a living.

Adapting to Change

Mike leveraged his past professional relationships and started a small business. He found technicians who were unemployed, trained them, and put them to work for his clients on Field Nation.

In one year, Mike and his team did nearly 1,500 work orders for one of the largest retailers in the US. His excellent reputation opened doors with several other large chains across the nation including Little Caesars, Petco, and O’Reily Auto Parts.

“Field Nation helped us build relationships and rapport with vendors and MSPs across the country so that I could manage projects,” said Mike. 


Mike has successfully leveraged Field Nation to scale his company across the nation. Today he has six company vehicles and completes work in every state in the US.

“The biggest value add of Field Nation is that you can build relationships. If someone sees there’s an available tech who’s closer, but they see you’ve got several thousand work orders and a five-star rating, it’s likely they’ll go with you.” 

As for growth, Mike plans his organization in quarters instead of what he will do next week. He notes that his success so far comes from two sources: his amazing technicians and Field Nation’s support team. “Everyone at Field Nation is fair and they work with you to work out the problem. The support and staff at Field Nation are above and beyond any of the other platforms.”

As Mike’s organization continues to grow, he looks forward to a continued partnership with Field Nation. Mike concluded, “I can honestly say that without Field Nation during this time, I’m not sure what would have happened. I’m excited for what the future has in store for me and the amazing technicians out there doing great work.”

 Mike Brown
Owner, Technical IT Consultant, Platform Field Engineer
MBrown Tech Services 

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